EAN-13 Barcode Package (Large Orders)

Includes an EAN-13 Barcode number, Barcode images (in 5 different formats for convenience), barcode registration and a guarantee certificate stating that you are the sole legal owner of this barcode number. The barcode number with the images and guarantee will be emailed to you after the order has been made.

QuantityPriceNumber of BarcodesPrice per Barcode (USD)
1$600100$6 each ($600 total for 100 barcodes)
2$900200$4.50 each ($900 for 200 barcodes)
3$1050300$3.50 each ($1,050 for 300 barcodes)
5$1250500$2.50 each ($1,250 for 500 barcodes)
600 +Please contact us


Price: $600.00

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