Alam Alaseel Perfumes

A luxury perfume business based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Alam Alaseel Perfumes have been in the perfume business for 50 years. They didn’t need barcodes for their first few products, however as their product line expanded they made the decision to start barcoding their products. In 2016 an Alam Alassel perfume outlet was opened in Saudi Airport. Today they have outlets in many major premises in Saudi Arabia, including several other airports, and soon their luxury perfume products will also be available for sale in Germany, Oman  Dubai, and Turkey.

We asked CEO Mr. Hussam Agha why they chose to use International Barcodes:

Why did you choose

your website was organised and easy to use .

Did you use barcode numbers right from product design?

our first few product it was later but since 2017 from product design

What country/countries are you selling your products in?

for now KSA , soon germany , oman , dubai and turky , and on board suadia airline

Were there any problems/challenges with barcodes?


Would you recommend

yes , easy and clear to use