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Note – We may or may not be able to supply you with barcode labels. This is dependent on your location and the quantities needed. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing barcode labels.

When we supply barcode labels, they have the following features:

1. Guaranteed to be printed well and easily scannable – Our printers have years of experience printing barcode labels and can guarantee minimal ink spread and other common problems faced by other label printers.

2. Customizable size – Our standard size is 20x33mm; however, you can pick 25x40mm labels if you wish. We can also provide other similar sizes for the same price and larger sizes for an additional cost. Please contact us if you have specific sizing requirements.

3. Text above the image – If you require a line of text above the barcode (i.e. company or product name), this can be included above the barcode upon request. This is included in our standard pricing.

4. Free Delivery – all of our barcode labels are delivered free to your door

5. Freezer Proof – our labels are freezer-proof (up to -40 Degrees Celcius). However, they should be stuck on at room temperature if possible

6. Optional Barcode Verification – Optional Barcode Label Verification can be added when checking out for $39 per report (the normal price is $59)

7. Label Dispenser Boxes – These are available for an additional cost of $5 per box. These help to quickly and easily stick the labels onto products. Note – Labels with the above features need to be sent from our headquarters in New Zealand.

Note – We can supply various label types and sizes, including code-128 or code-39 sequential labels and ITF-14 labels. Please contact us if you require these.

Note – While we are quick to get the printing underway and in the post to you, please allow three working days for printing and 7 for delivery. Please ensure that you order your labels with plenty of time to spare in the allowance for this.

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Please contact us if you want to order barcode labels from us or have any specific questions.