Barcodes for Amazon

One barcode is needed per unique Amazon listing, so if you have various different products or product variations (and require different listings for each) you will need the same amount of barcode numbers as products.

Our barcodes shop is automated – so if you purchase this product, it will be automatically emailed to you within a few minutes.

NB: Update 19/10/16: We have been selling barcodes for a number of years, and we have many customers using our barcodes on Amazon websites and other online stores. However we recently heard that Amazon have changed their barcode requirements (and may now require their seller’s to be members of GS1). Therefore we recommend that you contact Amazon directly to check what type of barcodes they require & whether ours are suitable.

Amazon Barcode Numbers

EAN-13 barcode numbers suitable for use on Amazon. The barcode numbers will be emailed to you, together with a Guarantee Certificate PDF document stating that you are the owner of the barcode numbers.

PDF guarantee certificate included (can be used as proof of your barcode ownership).

Quantity   Price per Barcode
1$ 30 USD
2$ 29 USD
3$ 28 USD
4$ 27 USD
5 +$ 26 USD
10$ 23 USD
20$ 19 USD
30$ 16 USD
40$ 14 USD
50$ 12 USD
75$ 11 USD
100+$ 10 USD
150 +Please contact us.

Price: $30.00

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If Amazon is stocking and shipping your product, then you will require the barcode images as well. If you are stocking and shipping your product yourself (i.e. just receiving orders through Amazon) then just the barcode number will be sufficient. Barcode Packages including the images and a guarantee certificate can be purchased here.

Look here for CD barcodes, DVD barcodes, ISBN book barcodes and ISSN magazine barcodes.

Feel free to make contact if you have any questions.