Do Your Barcodes Work in Every Shop?

Our barcodes are accepted in nearly all stores worldwide, however there are a few exceptions. The only stores to our knowledge that do not accept our barcode numbers are the ‘Super Cheap Retail Group’ and ‘Woolworths Australia Central Branches’ in Australia, ‘Walmart, Sam’s Club, Krogers, Fred Mayers, Macy’s & JC Penney’s’ in the USA and ‘Super Retail Group and Foodstuffs Auckland and Wellington Branches [Only on food products]‘. Apart from those stores, we have sold ten’s of thousands of these barcode numbers, and never come across difficulty with other stores.


We can also arrange independently accredited verification reports which means that our barcodes are accepted by more stores than any other barcode reseller.

For more information on which stores do not accept our barcode and which require verification reports, please see Barcode Acceptance.


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