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Rona Nushi, the pharmacist behind Bees & Trees, was once a devoted rock climber. While she was studying pharmacy, she visited the mountains almost every weekend to climb and enjoy the nature. While rock climbing, she felt the need to use a natural sunscreen for her face, which back in 2014 she couldn’t find in Albania. She decided to make one by herself, when she went back at the lab of the University. What was once created only as a sunscreen for her own needs, soon turned out to be the favourite product of her friends and she ended up working at the lab almost every day after lessons. That’s where Bees & Trees was born, very spontaneously, but full of passion!

Bees & Trees Bio Cosmetics became the first Albanian brand to be registered in EU.

Bees & Trees continued to grow along with passion and love for nature, art and science. Each new formula was like a work of art starting from the ingredients, preparation, packaging, design and marketing. In 2018 Bees & Trees moved the production to Italy and became the first Albanian brand to be registered in EU, organic, cruelty free, dermatologically tested and eco friendly!


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The products use EAN-13 barcodes from International Barcodes.

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