Michael Malul

Michael Malul     More than any other sense, scent is our most powerful connection to memory and emotion. At Michael Malul, we seek to tell olfactory stories, to capture moods and moments, conjuring up the subliminal through evocative scents … Continued

Bees and Trees

        Rona Nushi, the pharmacist behind Bees & Trees, was once a devoted rock climber. While she was studying pharmacy, she visited the mountains almost every weekend to climb and enjoy the nature. While rock climbing, she … Continued

AB Distribution

  Based in New Jersey, USA, AB Distribution supplies beauty and food products in America and internationally. Our retail partners trust our business ethics, dependability, and the strength of our brands, while consumers rely on high quality products with value-added … Continued

Next Trade LLC.FZ

Next Trade LLC.FZ Based in Dubai, Next Trade LLC.FZ specialise in food products and sunflower oil. We are well known for our products superior quality, accuracy and international standards.  Next Trade LLC.FZ deal in both wide range of food products … Continued

Flock Audio

  Canada-based Flock Audio, is the brain-child of Darren Nakonechny. Darren started working on a conceptual design known as “PATCH” in early 2016 when he decided to leave his stable career and chose to pursue the path less travelled of … Continued

Nexim AS

    Norway-based Nexim has created really carefully designed first aid kits. Their MY-KIT pocket size waterproof first aid kits are roughly the size and weight of an iPhone apart from height. The My-Kit has been tailored to 4 kits; … Continued

Passion Tree Gardens

PassionTreegardens Bahrain-based Passion Tree Gardens manufacture organic teas for health & beauty. The tea is handpicked in the Himalyan hills. There are numerous health benefits from these organic teas all made from natural ingredients. Passtion Tree Gardens is a specialty … Continued

My Pet Shop

Customer Review: My Pet Shop https://www.mypetshop.com.my/ is a pet food manufacturer in Malaysia. They supply their products to several chain stores in Malaysia, and also sell online through their own website and other online marketplaces. Their mission is to equip pet … Continued


Grayrooster & Company Grayrooster & Company is a luxury bath, body and cosmetic company from Washington State, USA. They specialize in handmade soaps, shampoos, conditioners, hand cremes, pomades, shaving cremes, face masks, and deodorants. Their products are aluminum, formaldehyde, and … Continued

Alam Alaseel Perfumes

Alam Alaseel Perfumes A luxury perfume business based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Alam Alaseel Perfumes have been in the perfume business for 50 years. They didn’t need barcodes for their first few products, however as their product line expanded they … Continued