Canada-based Flock Audio, is the brain-child of Darren Nakonechny.

Darren started working on a conceptual design known as “PATCH” in early 2016 when he decided to leave his stable career and chose to pursue the path less travelled of designing and developing a
better & more efficient process for professional audio recording engineers in the depths of his basement home recording studio.

In need of a better solution other than the available 1870’s technology known as a traditional patch bay, the concept was born to create a fully digitally controlled but 100% analog circuit routing system that wouldn’t color or alter the audio signals passing through it. After 2 years of strenuous work and constant focus, Flock Audio created the world’s first and most advanced digitally controlled analog audio routing system with features never before possible in conventional analog audio routing.

So many customers believe in what Flock Audio stands for…Innovations above Expectations. We have an incredible team of professionals from engineers, software developers & everyone in-house who helped create this one of kind piece of professional audio history.

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Products include

They look forward to providing the pro audio world with more innovations and excellent service to help assist aspiring and seasoned professionals to create masterpieces for years to come.

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