Global Transference LLC

Ladies eating treats

Global Transference LLC is a wholesale distribution company for specialty imported foods. They strive to integrate cultures through distributing various products internationally. Currently they are working towards expanding a new Italian Cannoli Snack in the American Market.

We asked John Hidalgo why he chose to use

How did you find


I was informed about by a colleague.

Why did you choose

I chose because they were reliable, the most affordable and professional.

What products are you selling, and where are they being sold?

The product we are currently selling is the one and only cannoli snack. Its the first ever snack version of the cannoli made with all natural ingredients, in Pachino Sicily. The product is being sold in Gourmet Delis, Gas Snack Shops, and Supermarkets.

What countries are your products for sale in?

The cannoli snack is currently being sold in Europe & North America.

Did you have any problems using barcodes?

There were no problems nor challenges when buying and activating the barcodes. Easy and simple process.

Would you recommend 

I would strongly recommend international barcodes, due to their professional work which made the process of setting up and buying their barcodes, speedy and simple. Also when requesting additional information on products and services, the customer care was very polite and helpful; nor did I have to wait long during the call time to reach a representative.