Customer Review: My Pet Shop
My pet shop logo is a pet food manufacturer in Malaysia. They supply their products to several chain stores in Malaysia, and also sell online through their own website and other online marketplaces. Their mission is to equip pet owners with the convenience to purchase pet food for their loved ones at the ease of their fingertips. Customers can order and pay online and will deliver right to their doorstep.

We spoke with Nadia about why her company chose to use

How did you hear about

From Malaysia barcode site that suggest to go thru yours.

Why did you choose

Money value

Did you use barcode numbers right from product design, or did you first start selling your products without barcodes? 

Right from product design

Were there any problems/challenges with barcodes? 


Would you recommend

Yes, because fast response from the internationalbarcodes team, easy to communicate, I don’t have to keep follow up, you know what you need to do & money value.