Rayan Saffron Co

Rayan Saffron is a company producing saffron. They prepare, pack, and send saffron to people all over the world. Rayan Saffron logo

The company works closely with farmers who grow saffron in Afghanistan. These farmers provide them with their finest saffron. This saffron is famous for its purity and its good smell and taste.

Rayan Saffron began its operations in 2019 in a place called Herat in Afghanistan. The company has a team of experts who know a lot about saffron. This team is dedicated to providing high-quality saffron at a fair price to customers both in Afghanistan and abroad.

  • The Saffron has the best taste, smell, and excellent quality and colour.
  • %100 natural and pure.
  • Grades A with reasonable price.
  • Harvest removal of best the country areas.
  • Our packing is from 0.5 gm to 1000 gm.
  • Using an equipped and scientific laboratory, a modern and beautiful packing line, careful quality control eyes, and fast and effective logistics.
  • Export possible to all the worldwide.

Rayan Saffron products use EAN-13 barcodes from International Barcodes Ltd.

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