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With the aim of providing its customers with the best quality water, Sam Food Company established a factory bottling mineral water with international specifications in the Beit Zabtan – Sana’a area. This area is pollution-free as it is located far from urban centres. It contains one of the cleanest water sources in the republic of Yemen.

The factory draws its successes from the history and heritage of the city of Sam Ibn Noah (Sana’a), which is rich in its great cultural and civilizational diversity.

The plant is equipped with very advanced water extraction and bottling facilities. We use the latest automated filling equipment. Strict quality control procedures are applied at all stages of production to protect and guarantee quality, which in turn adheres to local and international standards.

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About Water

Water is the most important natural resource on Earth. It is the most important for all forms of life, especially our own. We are aware of the essential role of healthy water as a key to human growth and vitality, so we are keen to play a major and essential role in the water industry by being pioneers in bottling pure water directly from the source. Our goal is to provide our customers with pure drinking water of the highest quality.

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Our Mission

Producing pure and healthy bottled water that conforms to international quality standards by using the latest technologies in water purification and processing in order to meet the needs of customers and the market.

Full commitment to occupational safety standards, quality, teamwork, continuous development, keeping abreast of everything new in our field, and a sense of social responsibility.


SAM City Water uses barcodes from International Barcodes on their products.