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Slow Foods Kitchen is a new start up company founded by a mother daughter team (Felicia and Amanda), that makes Organic Raw Gluten Free Vegan Snacks. They take raw ingredients seriously by squeezing their lemons & limes fresh, grinding fresh garlic gloves, grating fresh nutmeg and sourcing the best quality ingredients. Their commercial kitchen has never had animal or gluten enter it. Felicia told us that their best selling original product is Golden Kale Chips, “they are so tasty I often say we are selling the sauce not the kale!” Their speciality for selling at local Vegan Festivals is a Raw Taco, Felicia says “we make the shell , filling , sauce & toppings and its a big mouthful of flavor.”

We asked Felicia why she chose to use International Barcodes.

How did you hear about

I researched bar codes for answers & understanding of how it all works. International Bar Codes webpages are filled with everything required to understand the system.

Why did you choose

Value Value Value

Did you use barcode numbers right from product design? 

Our business started at the local ‘Saturday Morning Market’ located in ST Petersburg, FL. After 2 years of product development we began selling to a local grocer using barcodes. I had mistakenly chosen the International version of the bar code and International Bar Codes gladly provided me the correct files for the common US Codes.

Where are your products being sold?

We have found our best market place to be the Raw Clean Juice Bars. Also we are pursuing a large grocer chain in our area while slowly developing our web site.

What country/countries are you selling your products in?

USA only at this time

Were there any problems/challenges with barcodes? Could these be solved?

Oh my yes there were. I just did not fully understand what to do at first when I ordered the International codes (high hopes of growing big fast). International Bar Codes answered many of my emails even when I was forgetful of the answers!! Your company has been gracious & kind while I grasped the whole business of bar codes.Especially when other sites are selling very expensive codes quoting the expensive route as required to do business.

Would you recommend

YES!!! Your customer service has been outstanding, we all shop for best prices but I will always stay with a company who provides service.

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