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Stubborn Mule was born on a trip to Kentucky Bourbon Trail in early 2020 by a group of six dads, celebrating years of friendship.

About the Founders
A bunch of dads that wanted to go to the bourbon tour and came back thinking opening a distillery was a great idea, only to find out the difficulties in doing so and persevere and opened a stubborn mule distilling company with the help of some very key people that help make the dream a reality. We only want to make spirits that we would like to drink. Anything else is not acceptable.

The friend and family-owned premium craft distillery was established in Texas months after that fateful trip. Our whiskey serves as a testament to our unending love for our kids and each other and quality time standing on strong foundations of trust and zest for life. With the essence of the Stubborn Mule’s relentless will in all of us, we continually push boundaries in refining our premium spirits.

Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Our firm perseverance to provide excellence precedes quantity as we ensure each bottle possesses the spirit of unfading quality.

For the strong-willed
Each sip champions the bold and celebrates headstrong commitment to unending passion and tenacity.

Handpicked and Curated
The secret to quality rests on our curation of the finest ingredients.

Stability and Determination
Our uncompromising pursuit of excellence and quality will show in our products.

Refined by Time and Commitment
We allow time and commitment to be crucial parts of the process of producing a rich, smooth blend.


Stubborn Mule team