T.E.A.M. 3 Ministries Book

T.E.A.M. 3 Ministries writes and develops devotional books, art and music which supports people in growing their faith. We spoke with Ruth Meed about why her company chose to use internationalbarcodes.com for their barcodes.

How did you find internationalbarcodes.com?

I heard about internationalbarcodes.com by doing an internet search to find someone reasonably priced who could make my barcodes for the books I am publishing.

Why did you choose internationalbarcodes.com for your barcodes?

I chose internationalbarcodes.com because you had a reasonable price on your barcode creation process and it was quick.

Did you use brcodes right from product design, or did you start using them later on?

I started selling my books and CD’s using barcode numbers right from product design, I did look into GS1 codes and discovered I did not need to pay that fee for books in Canada and the US.

What products are you selling that use our barcode numbers?

The products I am selling are Books the first one is available on Amazon Worldwide and some booksellers in Canada so far. I am still in production with a second book that is a biography that I just purchased another barcode from you. I intend to make my books available worldwide as I learn the process of distribution.

Have you had any problems using barcodes, and if so how were they resolved?

I have not had any problems with the Bar code not working so far.

Why do you recommend internationalbarcodes.com?

I would recommend internationalbarcodes.com, because it was fast, reasonably priced and they put the code into every possible format that a publisher or designer might need to use for book creation.