Yeak Inc.

Yeak products

Yeak Inc. is a company that makes Cambodian-American hot sauces. Inspired by the dishes and culture of Cambodia, co-founders Melinda Ung and Allen Prom decided to create a line of products that would capture the flavours of Cambodia. Using ingredients that are both local and seasonal, their handcrafted artisan sauces are full of freshness and flavour.

We asked Melinda why she chose to use

Why did you choose

We chose because we were able to get everything we needed in a package and the customer service was also great.

Did you use barcode numbers right from product design, or did you first start selling your products without barcodes?

Originally, we sold our products without barcodes. We sold them at farmer’s markets and local grocery stores.

Which products are you selling and where are these products being sold?

We are currently selling four 8oz hot sauces with barcodes. We are also in the process of adding four more barcodes for our 4oz sauces. Currently, our products are being sold on our website, local grocery stores, local restaurants, and other online vendors.

What country/countries are you selling your products in?

We are currently selling most of our products in the United States, however, we have had some international orders from the following countries: Argentina, Kazakhstan, and Japan.

Were there any problems/challenges with barcodes? Could these be solved?

The labels on our sauces are very small, when we use the .eps file it looked slightly pixelated when it was printed. However, I was still able to scan the barcode when using my phone app.

Would you recommend

Yes, we recommend because they were very easy to order from and I received the barcodes right away.